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Customized Construction: The Waltners' Experience with Summit Contracting

Anne Waltner and her family chose Summit Contracting to build a new shop on their farm near Marion, South Dakota, because of the company's responsiveness and flexibility. This decision showcased the value of working with a trusted partner. For Waltner, the "must-haves" when looking for a contractor were the willingness to be flexible about the pieces of the project that Keith did on his own. They also wanted in-floor heat, a powerlift door, and high-quality insulation. Summit Contracting delivered on these requests.

Anne Waltner, who farms with her parents Keith and Sharon, grows primarily corn and soybeans. Anne hired Summit Contracting to build an 80x72x18 ft post-frame building. The shop has an impressive 40'x18' hydraulic lift door for large equipment and a smaller 16' sectional door for quicker access. Having the capability to get equipment inside for maintenance was key for the Waltners.

"I reached out to Summit Contracting because my uncle and cousin had worked with them and we knew their reputation," Anne said. When the crews were on site, Keith and Anne were impressed by their work ethic and enjoyed having them around. “I’m glad we decided to work with Summit. The crews were great to work with; they showed up, did the work, were fun to be around, and cleaned up the work areas.” added Anne.

Anne shared the thing she liked most about Summit Contracting was the people. "I appreciated the fact that Summit really listened and took me seriously. As a woman in agriculture, you don't always get that," stated Anne. “Casey was our project manager; he always did great to answer our questions and got us timely responses.” Anne added.

Unlike many of Summit Contracting’s customers, Anne Waltner and her father chose to personally handle parts of their project. They valued the company granting them flexibility, which allowed them to contribute to the work at their own pace, even if it delayed the process. "It most likely would have been completed more quickly had we let Summit do all the work," Anne admitted, expressing gratitude for the ability to make that choice.

Summit Contracting prides itself on being a full-service contractor. However, Summit will provide support to customers who opt to handle specific tasks themselves. Casey Baumgarn, commented, "When customers want to take some of the work on their own, the biggest thing we need is strong communication between the customer, Summit’s project manager, and the operations team." Everyone knowing their piece of the timeline and communicating their progress is key to keeping the project moving.

As far as whether they would choose to work with Summit again, the Waltners already have. They upgraded their grain system, purchasing a 6” Johnson Power Systems air system. It can handle 2,500 bph and Anne looks forward to capitalizing on increased efficiency during the upcoming 2024 harvest season.

"I so value the intangibles of providing a space for dad to work on things he enjoys that also bring more value to the farm while he's doing it," Anne shared. "He is giddy to be in the shop using his creative manufacturing skills, which saves us money and time." At 78 years young, Keith is happy to have warm toes after working in the shop all day.

When asked if she would recommend Summit Contracting to others, Anne said, "Absolutely, they are not the cheapest, but they are definitely the best."

Interested in upgrading your farm facilities with a team that values flexibility and responsive service? Contact Summit Contracting today to learn how we can help you achieve your agricultural goals with the same dedication and expertise we provided the Waltner family. Let's build something great together!