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Grain Handling

We’ve Got It Handled

Whether you need to move 1,000 bph or 20,000 bph, Summit Contracting has what you need.

A few key considerations when looking at grain handling equipment are:

Identify your trickiest challenges. From space constraints to navigating multiple locations.

Determine your budget. Summit Contracting has grain handling solutions for everyone from small farms to large, commercial-scale operations.

Figure out your long-term goals. Some implements are best over long distances while others are best for small spaces. Also consider maintenance, cleaning and installation needs.

Summit Contracting’s grain system specialists are industry experts here to walk you through all these considerations and more. Our end goal is to make sure you get the best grain handling system for your unique operation.

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Grain-Handling Equipment

If you run a grain farm, you know how important it is to invest in quality grain-handling equipment that helps you streamline your agricultural operations. Summit Contracting can help you build the best grain handling facility for your farm with a wide selection of bucket elevators, grain conveyors, pneumatic air systems, gravity screeners, support structures, catwalks, and more.

Our Lineup of Grain Equipment

At Summit Contracting, we have a long list of grain-handling equipment to help you get the most out of your farm, allowing you and anyone working on your farm to focus on the more important tasks at hand. Depending on the needs of your grain operation, we can assemble a custom grain handling system that allows for greater efficiency and quality control using the following types of equipment:

Chain and Belt Grain Conveyors

Grain conveyors have aided commodity operations for countless years, and today’s grain industry is no different. Whether you need a chain conveyor for level or steep inclines or a more straightforward belt conveyor to move your grain, Summit Contracting can help craft the perfect conveyor system for the job.

Bucket Elevators

Maximize the amount of grain you move during harvest or in loadout while keeping grain damage to a minimum with custom bucket elevators. With a bucket elevator system tailored to your needs from top to bottom, you can ensure any grain that’s moving gets where it needs to be quickly and safely.

Pneumatic Air Systems

A step above more traditional belt conveyors for moving grain product, pneumatic air systems utilize air pushed through metal tubes by a blower unit to move grain from one central distribution point to another—even multiple bins on your farm. In the event you want to expand your operation, all you have to do is add more tubing to the system to reach additional storage bins.

Gravity Screeners

Gravity screeners use the natural force of gravity to allow certain-sized commodities to filter through the mesh while collecting and removing any unwanted materials, such as dirt, broken kernels or other foreign materials. Along with grain, these screeners can be specialized for corn, soybeans, wheat, and more. Gravity screeners tend to be a cost-effective addition to any grain operation.

Support Structures

Support structures can provide a significant boost to your grain operation’s efficiency. Overhead structural stands allow trucks to drive underneath grain storage for an easier loadout, while leg and support towers provide additional structural support for equipment like grain elevators along with easier access for maintenance and repairs.


As with any industry, catwalks allow for more efficient personnel movement around grain handling and storage equipment. Whether you’re just checking in on operations or have to make some repairs to equipment, a catwalk can get you from point A to point B more conveniently.

From harvesting, handling, and storing your grain to grain conditioning and bin monitoring, Summit Contracting offers numerous solutions for every farm, making sure you get the best grain handling system for your operation.

Count on Summit Contracting for Your Grain Handling Solutions

Summit Contracting knows farming and understands the livelihood. Our team is full of farm kids who know firsthand how much hard work goes into harvesting, handling, and storing grain. As a full-service company, we provide start-to-finish support for your grain harvest, so you can get all the equipment you need to condition your grain, transfer it, as well as store and protect it.

When you need help streamlining your farm, we have specialized team members who can help with each step of the process. From designing your grain storage site to pouring concrete and constructing your facility, we have a focused team of experts to handle each phase. This commitment to providing the best service is why Summit Contracting is one of the leading grain-handling equipment suppliers. Contact us today to get started.

We’ll Roll Out

Customer satisfaction is a big deal within the Summit Contracting family. If you'd like us to stop by your farm to discuss your grain system needs, we're happy to roll out and talk with you. We’re not satisfied if you’re not satisfied.

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