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Grain Handling

We’ve Got It Handled

Whether you need to move 1,000 bph or 20,000 bph, Summit Contracting has what you need.

A few key considerations when looking at grain handling equipment are:

Identify your trickiest challenges. From space constraints to navigating multiple locations.

Determine your budget. Summit Contracting has grain handling solutions for everyone from small farms to large, commercial-scale operations.

Figure out your long-term goals. Some implements are best over long distances while others are best for small spaces. Also consider maintenance, cleaning and installation needs.

Summit Contracting’s grain system specialists are industry experts here to walk you through all these considerations and more. Our end goal is to make sure you get the best grain handling system for your unique operation.

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GSI - Versaloop

The VersaLoop™ round tube chain conveyor will simplify the way you move grain. VersaLoop™ can be used in a ton of ways throughout your grain systems making grain movement easier minimizing maintenance needs and improving grain quality.

We’ll Roll Out

Customer satisfaction is a big deal within the Summit Contracting family. If you'd like us to stop by your farm to discuss your grain system needs, we're happy to roll out and talk with you. We’re not satisfied if you’re not satisfied.

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