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Grain Dryers for Grain Conditioning in South Dakota & Nebraska

Mitigate Crop Loss, Increase Bushels

Farmers put way too much time and effort into their crops to have it be damaged after harvest. Mitigate your crop loss with grain conditioning. Whether you’re looking for a brand new dryer or want to service your current one, Summit’s dryer specialists are at your service to help you increase yields by securing your commodities and ensuring it is ready for market.

Tower Dryer

At Your Service

If you need a new dryer, our dryer specialists will work with you to help you get the right one for your needs. Just looking for service? We’ll come out and get your dryer fixed up right, on time and on budget.

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Grain Dryer

Grain conditioning is a key part of minimizing product losses and maximizing grain quality by controlling the moisture level before and during storage. Luckily, Summit Contracting has your back with a host of grain-drying equipment. Whether you need a tower, mixed flow, top dry or a portable dryer, we have what you need.

Reap the Benefits of Quality Grain Storage and Protection

Dependable grain dryers help you condition grain to maximize quality and minimize crop loss from handling grain, both during and after harvest. Different types of grain dryers are available to choose from as well as a long list of brands and models.

Investing in a quality grain dryer helps improve grain quality and secure your commodities. Different models have different drying capabilities. Our dryer specialists can help you select the proper grain dryer to ensure your crop is market ready.

Summit Contracting can help you find an efficient solution for your grain conditioning needs. We know how important it is to get quality equipment at fair prices when you're running a farm, and we have grain dryers designed to efficiently handle a range of grain types and drying capacities.

Work with Summit Contracting Today

We have a wide range of grain drying equipment available, including tower dryers, in-bin dryers, mixed flow dryers, top dry dryers, and portable dryers. Our grain dryer experts can get your dryer installed the correct way, which helps you improve efficiency and increase yields. Using our bin monitoring solutions, you can further regulate the moisture in storage to maintain your grain for the long haul.

If your existing grain dryer develops a problem, we can get that fixed for you. We also offer preventative maintenance for a wide variety of grain dryer models—so whether you’re getting a new grain dryer installed or servicing an old one, we’ve got you covered. Our team is filled with longtime specialists who know the importance of every piece of equipment, so Summit Contracting is an easy choice if you're looking for dependable grain dryer installation and reliable ongoing service.

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