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South Dakota Farmer Credits Summit Contracting With Helping Build His Legacy

As someone who pays attention to every last detail, Gregg Jensen knew building a new machine shop on-site could deliver significant savings in terms of cost and time.

With this in mind, he reached out to Summit Contracting. He had previously partnered with them to build a grain system on his farm operation near Viborg, South Dakota. He hired Summit Contracting again to construct a 72'x144' post frame building. This state-of-the-art building includes a 50-foot hydraulic door, two 30'x18' sectional doors on the side of the building, and a 12'x12' door in the back for easy access to the maintenance pit, making getting multiple pieces of equipment in and out a breeze.

“We're able to do more of the equipment maintenance that we want on our farm versus paying someone else to do it,” said Jensen. “The ROI that we get on this shop — it may not be out in your face on your balance sheet, but I know that this thing pays for itself.”

Jensen has continually hired Summit Contracting because of their full-service project management, attention to detail and overall value delivered on each and every building project on his farm. He appreciates working with the Summit Contracting crew as they plan not just for today but for generations to come.

I've been working with Summit for roughly six years now, and they've built my grain leg, pit, two bins and now my new shop. My experience was excellent. I wasn't treated like a customer, which I really appreciated — I was treated like a friend. I would definitely recommend Summit Contracting to anybody.

Gregg Jensen

“Having Summit Contracting handle the whole project is definitely a relief when you just know it's gonna get taken care of,” he said. “When you have the same guys looking over the project from start to finish, as things come up, they can talk you through it. They've seen it, they've dealt with it. So, any issue you have, they’ve got your back.”

Jensen credits the Summit Contracting team for paying attention to every last detail of his building project, specifically recalling their valuable suggestion for a late-stage modification to the equipment maintenance pit. Jensen, who stands at 6'6", recounts when one of the crew members observed his stature while preparing for the pit concrete pour. The Summit Contracting team excavated a deeper pit to ensure maximum, long-term productivity for the shop.

That level of detail means a lot to Jensen. “I've always respected people that tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear,” he said. “I've talked with other farmers in the area that have had Summit come out and bid jobs, and they've said the same thing. Even if they weren't going to get the job, they were going to make sure you didn't go the cheap route or cut a corner that you're gonna regret later on.”

From Jensen’s perspective, Summit Contracting has allowed him to realize his vision for his entire farm site. “Those guys are rock stars,” he said. “Summit Contracting has helped me plan and execute for the legacy that I want.”

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