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Post Frame Buildings

Minimal Materials, Maximum Benefits

Post-frame buildings are growing in popularity, and for good reason. Summit Contracting is an industry leader in post-frame construction. If you’ve been considering a new shop, storage or commodity building, or even a trendy shouse or shondo, we’d love to put our expertise to work for you.

Our post-frame division team members will quickly and efficiently prepare your site and construct your building, all on time and on budget.

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4 Post-Frame Benefits

1. They’re Cost Efficient

They require less material and can be set up in less time, which makes them a fantastic, affordable option for your farm building needs.

2. They’re Super Strong

Built from a combination of sturdy posts and heavy-duty trusses, post-frame buildings are also highly durable, capable of easily withstanding heavy snow loads and wicked Midwestern winds, making them ideal for ag buildings

3. They’re Energy Efficient

Speaking of weather, an often overlooked benefit of post-frame buildings is the incredibly efficient insulation they are able to provide. Post-frame buildings use sturdy posts spaced eight feet apart (on average). This provides eight uninterrupted feet for laying insulation, reducing areas where heat can escape leading to considerable energy savings over the life of the building.

4. They’re Easily Customized

Supported solely by posts and trusses, post-frame buildings don’t need interior walls providing large, open interior spaces. This allows for incredible design flexibility creating an endless array of possible uses. They can also be easily reconfigured and adapted again and again because they don’t require interior support walls.

Build Your Vision

Whatever type of building you need, post-frame buildings have almost unlimited potential. Let’s chat about how our post-frame specialists can build your vision.

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