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Irrigation Monitoring


Irrigation monitoring plays a pivotal role in optimizing water usage, enhancing crop productivity, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Irrigation monitoring helps use water more efficiently, boost yields, and contribute to a healthier planet.

FieldNET™ – Leveraging Technology for Premium Performance

Lindsay’s award-winning FieldNET technology provides growers with the visibility, data and control you need to make every single drop of water count. Easily monitor, control, analyze and apply custom recommendations from anywhere from your smartphone, or leverage season-long data to adequately plan between seasons. It’s never been easier to get peace of mind that your irrigation systems are running as intended.

FieldNET products are sold on an annual subscription basis, and the benefits increase as you add it to more machines across your operation. Talk to us today about the benefits of FieldNET for your farm.

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Our first-in-class application, designed to be able to monitor, start and stop your irrigation equipment from anywhere, helps provide insight into water application season after season. Create custom schedules, view operation-wide data, and automate reports for valuable insights.

FieldNET with WaterTrend™

Incorporate a 7-day forecast to provide a deeper level of insight and empower smarter irrigation decisions. Gain access to crop water usage and growth stage information and track trends of water refill or depletion in your soil profile.

FieldNET Advisor™

Leveraging artificial intelligence to synthesize millions of data points related to your crop, agronomic conditions and satellite weather data, FieldNET Advisor makes customized, real-time recommendations on when, where and how much to irrigate. Gain unparalleled insight info your whole operation at-a-glance, or drill down into specific fields to identify opportunities for water savings or yield maximization.

FieldNET Hardware

FieldNET Pivot Control™

This easy-to-use control system can help monitor and control any brand and age of electric pivot, and interfaces with FieldNET to help simplify management of your entire operation. It’s easily installed and a breeze to manage via the FieldNET app.

FieldNET M2 Control™

Remotely monitor and control your water pumps not located at pivot points with FieldNET M2 Control. Connect up to 2 pumps and control them remotely from any device, saving valuable time, labor costs and gas with fewer trips to pump sites.

FieldNET PivotWatch™

Our cost-effective solution can be installed on any machine in a matter of minutes, allowing you to monitor your pivot, whether electric or hydraulic. PivotWatch requires no electrical connection and is solar-powered. It offers visibility into your pivot system from wherever through the FieldNET app.


Having data and control options right at your fingertips is the best way to protect your crops. Our irrigation specialists are ready to assist you.

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